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As a Lowe’s Creative Ideas Ambassador, I received a gift card in order to complete this project. As always my comments and opinions are my own. Enjoy!

A pot covered with fabric with a solar light

The funniest thing happened on the way to doing something else this month.

Our challenge was to make some creative outdoor art. We’d headed to Lowe’s to get supplies for a completely different project when we happened on these fantastic seat cushions. That got us to thinking and the next thing we knew we were scrapping the other project for this one.

We were inspired by the leaf pattern that’s now on the pot you see above. And we’ve always wanted to put some solar lighting in for better vision on the walkway at night. So when we saw these beautiful lights we just knew what we had to do.

First we took these fantastic seat cushions and cut them down to size. Then we got some terracotta pots in the Lowe’s garden center.

pots and seat cushions

Next, using liberal amounts of mod podge we carefully wrapped the terracotta pots, paying special attention to the rim and bottom areas.

wrapping a pot with fabric

See how the fabric is cut into short squarish pieces at the top (which is really the bottom) of the pot. This makes things so much easier.

After letting them dry, we filled the pots with soil most of the way. Then we placed our solar walk lights in each pot and filled the rest of the way with decorative rocks.

Voila, a lovely bit of outdoor artwork which also functions as a lighting system for our front walk at night. Don’t you think they are pretty?

decorated pots with solar lights

I love how the fabric’s leaf pattern ties in with tree behind it, and how the neutral colors tie-in with the dryscape. I especially like how the red glass ties in with the roses in the background (See picture at top of page).

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Have fun!

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Lina Pulido

Te quedaron muy bonitas las materas forradas. Las lamparitas me gustaron tienen un estilo diferente a las que siempre vemos en las tiendas.

Mayito Castillo

Me encanto la idea de decorar las macetas con llamativos colores, le dan un toque especial al sitio donde se instalen.

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