Garlic Butter Shrimp

Camarones al mojo de ajo por

These garlic butter shrimp are simply delicious, and, as an added benefit, they are both easy and fast to cook. Serve them for a meatless dinner and don’t forget them during the Lenten season. RELATED POST: Cilantro Pesto and Shrimp Pasta The garlic, parsley and butter combo makes them succulent, satisfying, and scrumptious. If you … Read more

Pan Seared Cod with Strawberry Salsa

Seared Cod with Strawberry Salsa -

This pan seared cod with strawberry salsa is light, sweet and refreshing. Also very easy and fast to make. Try it out! A few days ago I was walking through fragrant fields of scarlet strawberries in Oxnard, CA, learning about and enjoying (to be frank, eating) the sweet, red fruit. During lunch, I was served … Read more

Cilantro Pesto and Shrimp Pasta

Cilantro pesto shrimp pasta -

For me, pesto is a delicious sauce made with garlic, olive oil, some kind of cheese, some kind of nuts and some kind of herb. All my family are big fans. Actually, my husband makes a killer basil pesto (check the recipe here) that my kids and I love, too. I had lots of cilantro … Read more

Fish Veracruz Recipe

Fish Veracruz Recipe -

The popularity of Fish Veracruz reaches far beyond the state and city of its origin. All over Mexico this colorful, flavorful dish delights. It’s simple to make, but tastes like it isn’t because of the depth of flavors from combining onions, garlic, lime, sweet peppers, tomatoes, olives, capers, and spices together. Serve with rice and … Read more

Poblano Chile and Onion Tostadas

Poblano chile and onion tostadas -

These poblano chile and onion tostadas are a great meatless dish for Lent, and easy to prepare. You just need poblano chiles, butter, onions, cream, refried beans, cheese and salt and pepper, that’s it! It is that easy. Add an agua fresca, like my watermelon cooler or agua de jamaica (a traditional Mexican favorite made with … Read more


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