Ponche-Mexican Christmas Punch

Ponche Mexican Christmas Punch

My favorite beverage during Christmas is called Ponche or Mexican Christmas Punch. Many families in Mexico begin preparing it as soon as The Posadas begin (9 days before Christmas). It’s the perfect beverage for cold nights– sweet, delicious and warm. A couple of years ago, I shared a ponche navideño recipe made with tamarindo and piloncillo. … Read more

Jamaica, The Refreshing Hibiscus Flower Drink (Agua de Jamaica)

Agua de jamaica, hibiscus flower drink

Agua de Jamaica (pronounced Hah.my.ka), the hibiscus flower drink, is a favorite at parties in Mexico. It’s refreshing and delicious. Its rich, red, festive color goes great with any celebration. Jamaica is made from dried hibiscus flowers. You can find them in Mexican markets or in the Hispanic foods aisle in supermarkets. This is how … Read more


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