The First Birthday Party #Blogust

The first birthday party -

Birthday parties are big in my Mexican family. First birthday parties are especially important to us. And why not? The first year is full of milestones and, well, “firsts.” The first smile, the first tooth, the first word, every single one of them is so special and anticipated. When I remember my oldest son’s 1st … Read more

Be a Woman Inspired

Lisa Price -

Thanks to Prudential and DiMe Media for making this post possible. As always, my opinions and dreams are my own. My recent Miami trip rejuvenated my spirit, and caused me to be a woman inspired! Starting with the DiMe Summit, and right on through Hispanicize, I heard inspiring women from business, politics, entertainment and life … Read more

4 Tips for Easier Basement Clean Up

4 Tips for Easier Basement Clean Up -

Out of sight and out of mind for years, decades even, the basement hides books, clothes, toys, hobby supplies and sporting equipment. Of course, the physical benefits of freeing up all that space are obvious, but the emotional benefits can pay dividends, too, maybe even in ways you never considered. It can look daunting, but … Read more


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