Apple Cinnamon Tamales

apple cinnamon tamal

Just thinking about sweet apple cinnamon tamales makes me happy. I’m sure that’s reason enough to make them, don’t you agree? I’ve noticed some friends and acquaintances act a bit surprised when I mention sweet tamales. I guess they consider those beautiful chile verde or other savory tamales first when they think of tamales. But growing … Read more

Pinto Bean Soup [Sopa Tarasca]

pinto bean soup - sopa tarasca

I have a quick story about this Pinto Bean Soup, or, as we call it in Mexico, Sopa Tarasca. My cousin visited the State of Michoacán, Mexico, with his kids, and he introduced them to this delicious, local favorite. They loved it so much, over the next few days, the kids would order Sopa Tarasca … Read more


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