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Coco is here! That’s why, today, we have a Coco Blu-ray giveaway especially for the readers of Mama Latina Tips!

The heartwarming, Golden Globe® Award-winning, Academy Award® nominated, Disney/Pixar film is available now on Digital and Movies Anywhere and arrives in stores on Blu-ray™ & 4K Ultra HD™, February 27th.

©2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
©2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

As you surely know by now, there are no words to express just how much I love Coco. It speaks to me on so many levels. I see my towns, my foods, my music, my culture and my people in it. But in addition to all that, it’s a great story told with uncommon authenticity, artistry, sensitivity, heart and skill!

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When I interviewed Edward James Olmos (Chicharrón) right after the Hollywood Red Carpet Premier, he mentioned Coco would be a film families will watch together year after year. I agreed and still do. Just in the very few days we’ve had the movie at home, my son has watched it 3 times, and I have seen all the special features.

Are you ready to buy your copy of Coco now? You can do it through this affiliate link. To participate for a chance to win the giveaway keep reading.

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Pixar Coco Scene Hector and Miguel
©2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

As I mentioned, having the film at home has also allowed us to watch all of the fantastic bonus features. When I visited Pixar, long before its release in theaters, I’d wished I could share some of the images and videos I’d seen of the work behind the scenes.

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Learning how they decided which music was ideal for Coco, how my stunning city of Guanajuato inspired the architecture of the Land of the Dead, how the colorful state of Oaxaca inspired the cemetery and the town of Santa Cecilia, how the magnificent Palacio de Correos in México City inspired the Department of Family Affairs in the Land of the Dead, just to mention a few, all made me appreciate both the film and the people working on it even more.

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My wish has come true. Now you can listen to the animators, directors, producer and other members of the team tell how they did it. I’m so excited!!

Before we get to the giveaway, let me tell you briefly about all the goodness that is on the Blu-ray and the Digital copy.

Pixar Coco Blu-ray Bonus Features

Deleted Scenes

I love watching deleted scenes. They often show how a film develops over time.

  • Día de los Muertos – An alternate first scene, a musical extravaganza with colors and excitement, introducing Ernesto de la Cruz. My kids really enjoyed this one.
  • The Way of the Riveras – A corrido style music number where the Rivera Family teaches Miguel about their history and traditions.
  • Celebrity Tour – This is a take on how Héctor and Miguel met. Here Héctor was a bus guide.
  • The Family Fix – A very tender scene where the Rivera family puts their dismay aside and comes together to repair the smashed guitar needed to send Miguel home to the Land of the Living.
  • To the Bridge – An alternate scene of how Miguel crosses back over the marigold bridge to the land of the living, and a different destiny for De la Cruz.
  • And more!

The Music

Music is at the heart of the film, moving us from laughter (“Poco Loco”) to tears (“Remember Me”). The following features tell the story of the music of Coco:

  • The Music of Coco – A video about the musicians and musical instruments of Mexico and how they created the canvas for the story.
  • The Real Guitar – The majestic guitar that spurs Miguel on his journey through the Land of the Dead is a unique creation. Watch as it is initially designed by a Pixar artist and ultimately realized as a real instrument by a master luthier in this poetic ode to craftsmanship.

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The Pixar Familia

I also love the special features about the filmmakers’ research trips, the animation, and how the Pixar team who were working on the movie were touched by Coco in different areas of their lives, a joy to watch! :

  • A Thousand Pictures a Day – Here the crew shows their immersive experience researching Mexico. You’ll see some of the real people, real places and real Day of the Dead celebrations that made Coco what it is, “a love letter to Mexico.” It features many locales in Guanajuato, my favorite city in México, with its colors and architecture. 
  • Paths to Pixar: “Coco” – Explore how the film crew’s personal stories resonate with the themes of the movie itself. This was so good. You may or may not know that a lot of animators and artists who work at Pixar are of Mexican or Latin American descent. You’ll enjoy hearing their stories, including from Adrián Molina, who started as an animator for the movie and ended as the writer and co-director, and Ana Ramírez González, who worked as a shading designer in the costume department. She’s from Mexico and her whole family still lives there. I appreciated this so much because I had an amazing conversation with my kids afterward about our Mexican heritage and what it means to us. 
  • Skeletons – Learn about these funky characters, and then learn how to draw one of them with Pixar artist Daniel Arriaga.
  • Mi Familia – The cast and crew talk about the meaning of family
  • Fashion through the Ages – How the magnificent costumes where created, their challenges and their successes.
  • And much more!

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As always with all Disney movies, Coco comes with subtitles and audio in several languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic! Check out the giveaway below:

Disney Pixar Coco Blu-ray

Win it!

To participate for your chance to win one (1) Disney Pixar Coco Blu-ray Combo Pack is easy. Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite part of, or scene from, the movie (if you have not seen it, watch the trailer below and tell me something you like about it). That’s it! That is your required entry. Good luck!

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This giveaway will end on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at 11:59 EST. No purchase necessary. Open to residents of the 50 United States of America as well as Canada who are 18 years of age or older. The Winner will be randomly chosen and notified via email. Winner must respond to notification email within 72 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Void where prohibited. Please, no P.O. Boxes. Entries/Comments that do not follow the submission guidelines will be invalid.

Good luck!


234 thoughts on “Coco Blu-ray Giveaway”

  1. I love the part when he’s running down the stairs, and the skeleton hand points back with its thumb. The humor has that whimsical feel that Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride did!

  2. We loved this movie in the theater & I’d love to watch it again & again here at home. My favorite part – other than the story as a whole – was the artwork. Such bright colors and wonderful characters & scenery!

  3. I just LOVED the movie , it is a movie that I will be seeing for a very long time. The movie reminds me my of my grandma who is no longer with us . But is always in my thoughts and prayers and also my heart always. She was very special to me , as was Coco’s father to her and the memories that they shared. Every time I saw the movie at the cine which was 6 times , tears came to my eyes and still do. This movie is Great to be shared with the family. I hope that very one can see it and get the same fell I got .

  4. I haven’t seen Coco yet, but I love the scenes in the trailer involving the grandmother – especially when she (as grandmother’s will do) “forces” Miguel to eat.

  5. We havent seen the movie yet but my son laughed so hard at the dog chasing the bone I decided to look into it. The little boy character reminds me of my son just from the previews. I love feel good inspirational movies and Disney is king in that area!

  6. I have never seen the movie but my favorite scene from the trailer is when he is playing on stage. I can’t wait to watch this movie!

    m the traile

  7. My favorite part of Coco is when Miguel realizes Hector is his great great grandfather, and not that putz de la Cruz!

  8. Its raining in LA and im about to start your pozole verde. 👌
    My favorite scene from coco is the ending when mama coco remembers her father and his music.The whole family is united and finally see what memories are dear to cocos heart. I cried with my mom, i just lost my dad to cancer so the wound is fresh. I love this movie and how our culture was portrayed. Proud latina.
    Ps la chancla lol
    Email subscribed.

  9. Entry 5 on facebook I saw a pixar post with a disney ear hat that had the alien character from toy story on it.

  10. I have not seen Coco yet, but based on the previews I love how the film is about family. I like the scene in the preview when Miguel tries to reject more food and decides to give in. I would love to watch this movie with my nephew.

  11. 5) I visited you on FB. I saw today’s post that tomorrow is the last day to enter this COCO giveaway. On March 8th, you posted Happy International Women’s Day.

  12. I loved the part of the movie where Hector was singing to Coco when she was tiny, and she grabs his face…made me bawl!!

  13. My family and I loved Coco! One of my favorite scenes would be when Miguel sung “Remember Me” to his grandma Coco; that scene got me so emotional.

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