Triple Play at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month and throughout the year, we like to highlight wonderful things going on in our vibrant Latino communities. Today is no different. Every day, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) serve diverse communities across the nation.

Triple Play program

Thanks to the folks at Anthem Foundation for making this post about the Triple Play program at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America possible. 

Over a number of years now, they've developed their premiere healthy lifestyles program, called Triple Play, to further serve those communities. It turns out about 23% of kids actively involved in the Boys and Girls Clubs of America are Hispanic or Latino. That's why I thought you would like to hear about their work on behalf of so many of our kids.

Building a Healthier Generation

Back in 2011, the Clubs received 5 million dollars from the Anthem Foundation to support their youth wellness program. Later, in 2014, the Boys and Girls Clubs received another grant from the Anthem Foundation, twice the size, to continue to support and expand the program over another five years.

Triple Play gets its name from its focus on the mind, body and soul, as it shares the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition in creating a healthier lifestyle. Here's a short video with more about it.

To find out more, see the Triple Play page at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.


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