5 Easy Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

If you are a mom-on-the-go looking for a way to maintain a great, natural look throughout the day, these 5 easy makeup tips are just perfect for you.

Thanks to the wonderful crew at Sephora inside JCPenney for making this beauty post possible. As always my comments, opinions, and preference for a natural look are my own.

I work from home and have two very energetic boys. Sometimes my weeks are a blur, especially during the school year, just like yours I’m sure. Between dropping the boys off at school, picking them up again, and taking them to their after school activities, some days I get ready in the morning and then don’t even have a moment to do a retouch either of my face or hair for the rest of the day. In the past, I’ve looked at myself in the car window and wondered, “where did my makeup go?”

So when I was offered the opportunity to try a long-wear liquid foundation that could go a full 24 hours without touching up or re-applying, I jumped at it. I had to put it to the test!

Today, I want to share my experience along with a few makeup tips I’ve picked up for helping get a natural look:

Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

I really liked how it turned out. Did I pique your interest?

Based on my Color IQ (more about this in a minute) Sephora inside JCPenney sent me a fabulous beauty box with these products to create a natural, long lasting look from the Kat Von D Lock-It line:

  • Lock-it Hydrating Primer
  • Lock-it Foundation Medium 52 (my shade), Medium 53 Neutral and Light 49 Neutral
  • Lock-it Concealer White out, Light 9 neutral, and Light 15 Neutral
  • Lock-it Setting Powder
  • Lock-it Edge Foundation Brush 10
  • Lock-it Edge Concealer Brush 10
  • Lock-it Precision Powder Brush 25

The Experience

The primer felt really light on my face and applying the makeup was easy after that. I noticed the foundation was a little thicker than other ones I have used before, but don’t let that scare you, just follow the rule “less is more.” It surprised me to see, even amazed me, just how little product I needed to cover my whole face perfectly. The concealer uses a small sponge that delivers the product exactly where you need it. Then, I used the concealer brush to blend it in. I loved this, my first experience with a concealer brush. I used setting powder as the final step before adding mascara, eye liner and lipstick. The process took just 10 minutes. Can you believe it?

5 Easy Makeup Tips for a Natural Look

I like to look natural. It fits my lifestyle and helps me get ready faster and easier. Try using these 5 easy tips for creating and keeping a natural look : 

  1. Use the right foundation color. I can’t tell you how often I’ve applied foundation only to discover it was the wrong shade. It can be a challenge for a lot of us to find the right tone. But here’s a tip, something I didn’t know before. Sephora inside JCPenney offers a service called Color IQ which helps match you with the correct shade for your skin. Isn’t that great? Also, they have plenty of samples to try in the store to make sure you leave with your perfect shade.
  2. Always apply a primer. This helps the foundation stay on your skin longer. 
  3. Use a brush or sponge to apply makeup. Believe me, I used to use my fingers and always ended up with a thicker layer of makeup. Plus, I would use a lot more product than needed. Put a little bit of makeup either on top of your hand or on a makeup tray. Spread it with the brush to make sure you get an even layer of product on the bristles. Then, with light strokes, apply to your face. You will see you don’t need a lot to get full coverage.
  4. Skip the eyeshadow. Instead, use an eyeliner and mascara. 
  5. Finish with a light layer of setting powder to set the complete look.

Now just add your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. That’s it!

The Reveal

Well, at the beginning of this post I mentioned I wanted to put Lock-it Foundation to the test. I didn’t need 24 hours (I mean, I need my beauty sleep after all) but I’ll show you how my face looked after 12 hours, no re-applying, no re-touching.

What do you think?

Do you want to try it? It’s easy, just visit Sephora inside JCPenney. (I love JCPenney, because I can find everything I need there!) If you don’t know your foundation shade, ask about the Color IQ service and don’t forget you can ask for help and try the samples in the store to make sure you get the one you want.

If you want to see more long-lasting looks, make sure to check out #SephoraInJCP and #SoWorthIt on social media.

Have fun!







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I will use these tips to do better makeup. These are good ones. 

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Thanks for the tips, I will have to try some of the products you mentioned.

Meerab Mirza

I’m glad I found your article. I’d never have created sense of this subject on my own. I’ve learn a few different articles on this topic, however I used to be confused till I learn yours.

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