Of Easter Eggs, Easter Waffles and Easter Clothes


For going on generations now, the Easter season has brought my family to grandma's house for a feast of favorite foods like Easter waffles. Plus, we always make a trip out to find just the right clothes for Holy Week and Easter Sunday services. Here's a bit about our family's traditions.

Happy Easter

Thanks to the great folks at JCPenney for making this family celebration post possible. As always, my comments, opinions, and love for family celebrations are my own.

Easter arrives soon and, in my family, the celebration has always brought many trips to church, preparing special foods, making Easter eggs, and shopping for new clothes. Growing up, on a day we agreed upon each year, my abuela, my mom, my aunts, my primas, and I went shopping for Easter dresses, and if we were very fortunate, new shoes. We wanted to look our best for services, not just on Sunday, but throughout Holy Week.

The men dialed things in, too. In fact, some of my earliest memories of my grandfather include watching him use his tailoring skills to fit Easter jackets and trousers for my brothers, dad, uncles, and cousins. I have to say we all looked pretty sharp!

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My grandma always ranked Easter higher in importance than Christmas. I admit, I had a hard time understanding this as a small child. But deep down, and in my experience, I always knew abuela had things right. Accordingly, we celebrated Easter with joyous jubilation, food, fun, and our large family each year.

I try to create the same happy, childhood Easter memories for my boys now. We make cascarones or confetti Easter eggs by hand. We take time to buy new clothes. And I do my best to plan special treats for Easter brunch. This year, I'm making waffles!

Waffles by mamalatinatips.com

After Easter services, we prepare a brunch. The Easter brunch differs from Thanksgiving and Christmas though. At those celebrations, we have specific, traditional dishes we do each year. At Easter, however, we like to do things differently. Since we love breakfast so much (we often have it for dinner, if you know what I mean and I think you do!), our Easter meal is always inspired by breakfast, but the specifics change.

My Effortless Shop

So this year's brunch menu idea came to me immediately, I thought my kids would like a Easter waffle bar. That way they can use a beautiful, golden waffle like an artist's canvas and get creative with toppings using their favorite things (with the possible exception of pizza). My only problem: I didn't yet own a waffle iron. So I headed straight to JCPenney to see if I could find one.

Cooks waffle maker red for Easter waffles by mamalatinatips.com

This Electric Ceramic Waffle Maker from Cooks caught my eye in the kitchen department. I love how sturdy and professional it looks, how it will fold up nicely for easy storage after our Easter waffles, how affordable it is, and best of all, its red color!

Ceramic interior of cooks waffle maker - mamalatinatips.com

Since we were in the store already, I decided to check out the kids department for something my boys could wear for Easter and beyond. We live in California, so I wanted to get something comfortable, something they could continue to use for school, and something appropriate for young boys at Easter in a coastal church.

I found these stylish, on-trend, yet affordable chinos and this polo shirt by Arizona Jean Co. They fit the bill perfectly for my younger boy. The ensemble looks like Spring time in California, don't you think?

By the time we left the store, we had found everything we needed all in one place. Talk about serendipity! I had my waffle maker, clothes for my two boys, and even a new pair of shoes for myself. Can you believe we spent less than 60 dollars on all that? Effortless!

We are ready for Easter!

How does your family celebrate Easter? See what other families are doing this Easter by following #SoWorthIt on your social media channels.

Happy Easter

P.S. Hot Tip: Don't forget to download the JCPenney app and look for coupons before you head to the register.

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