Rogue One: When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


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This story was made possible by our friends at Walt Disney Studios and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. Thanks! As always my opinions, comments, and love for Disney movies are my own.

This morning I got to thinking a little more philosophically than I normally get to. Most days, the dishes and the laundry keep me off the philosophical tract for the most part.

Maybe it was a consequence of my new morning walk routine. That is as it may be. But I know for sure it was in part due to preparing for this post about Rogue One. Rogue One is the first in a new series of Star Wars stand-alone films. It's ultimately a very personal story about 5 ordinary people banning together to accomplish an extraordinary mission (Don't worry, massive battles will still ensue).

Just as a bit of background, the Star Wars stand-alone films can take place anywhere in the Star Wars universe and anytime on the Star Wars timeline, which will give each the flexibility to create a new feel, new style, new look, and new perspective. This one has a more, “boots on the ground,” feel to it, with some hand-held camera work and an intimate, close-up perspective.

Rogue One Cast
Star Wars: Rogue One
L to R: Actors Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, Felicity Jones, Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen
Photo Credit: Jonathan Olley
©Lucasfilm 2016

But to get back to the philosophical musings, I've been thinking a lot lately, even before this post, about our culture's emphasis on celebrity and all the consequences of that (I'll let you guess what got those juices flowing in October 2016!).

In turn, this got me to thinking about the millions of ordinary people out there, non-celebrities, who work positively towards, and accomplish, extraordinary missions both alone and together every single day.

The examples are almost infinite. The single mom or dad with two jobs sending 5 kids to college. The pizzeria owner who donates a pizza to a needy person each time he sells one. Kids who see children suffering on the news and really do something about it. These are just a sliver of the possible examples.

Therefore (you have to say “therefore” whenever talking philosophy), my big philosophical questions are these: At what point in the process does an ordinary person become extraordinary? Does an extraordinary accomplishment mean a person was never really ordinary in the first place? Is everyone capable of accomplishing extraordinary things? If so, if everyone can be extraordinary, doesn't that make us all, in fact, ordinary? (Discuss amongst yourselves, LOL).

Well, you can see why I don't allow myself to go on philosophical bents every day!

There is one thing, I would argue, that all of these ordinary people who do extraordinary things have in common: They choose to act.

Ordinary People can do Extraordinary Things -

When Rogue One arrives in December, with its ordinary characters doing extraordinary things, and with its talented and diverse international cast featuring Felicity Jones (UK), Diego Luna (Mexico), Ben Mendelsohn (Australia), Alan Tudyk (U.S), Mads Mikkelsen (Denmark) Forest Whitaker (U.S.), Riz Ahmed (UK/Pakistan), Jiang Wen (China), Donnie Yen (China/Hong Kong), lets remember that.

Check out this newest trailer:

May the force be with you!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walt Disney Studios and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. The opinions and text are all mine.

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