And the Hydration Kit Winner Is…

nino tomando agua

Thanks to the great folks at Nestlé® Pure Life® for making this post about a topic important to moms and dads possible. My comments, opinions, and love for fresh, pure water are my own.

Two weekends back the mercury topped out higher on the California Central Coast than it did in the great California Central Valley. That’s hot! I know because I happened to make it to both places on the same day. The usual cool marine layer was nowhere to be found by the beach, and it was sand-dancing hot. My boy took part in a coastal clean-up event and he had to hop between washed up seaweed patches and the water’s edge to keep from burning his feet, and that was before noon.

But keeping kids hydrated throughout the day is not only an exercise for these hottest of days, it’s a year-round challenge. Isn’t it? And it’s up to us to help them develop good hydration habits.

Niño con mochila y agua

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to you about the Ripple Effect and I suggested a few tips on how to help keep kids hydrated throughout the day. At the same time, I asked you all to share some of your own tips for a chance to win a Nestlé® Pure Life® hydration kit.

LaTanya said she puts her “son’s drink in his fave water bottle.”

And one of my long time readers, D., said she got her kids to drink water, “…by telling them they cannot watch a TV show or play a game until they have finished their water.” I have to admit, I’ve used similar tactics to get my boys to do a number of things, but it never occurred to me to use it to get them to drink their water. Nice one D.

The point of this whole exercise was to get us all thinking about helping kids develop good daily hydration habits, not just when exercising, or on a hot day, but all the time. And it doesn’t have to be complicated, we can get them thinking about it with something as simple as a favorite water bottle or even with a bit of motherly leverage.

Kids playing by

Thanks again to all who shared your ideas.

Now, for the winner of the Nestlé® Pure Life® hydration kit from Mama Latina Tips, chosen randomly from all valid entries, drum roll please…..

Congratulations LaTanya!

You’ll be hearing from me very soon!

Enjoy and stay hydrated everyone,

Thank you to Nestlé® Pure Life® for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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