My Family Independence Day Traditions Old and New


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My Family Independence Day Traditions Old and New -

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With Fourth of July so close, it got me to thinking about family Independence Day traditions, both old and new. We love the Fourth, getting together with good friends and family, eating well, and watching the fireworks.

For me the Fourth is a newer tradition, but growing up in Mexico, we had our own tradition complete with fireworks, too. In the early hours of Sept 16th, Mexican Independence Day, the fireworks lit up the midnight sky, just like they do here after dark on the Fourth.

Niños celebrando la independencia de México -

And just as we celebrate with friends and family now on American Independence Day, in Mexico, we would get together with the whole family to celebrate Mexican Independence Day on the eve of September 16th.

Today, my Mexican family is still very large and we keep our traditions. One of our great traditions, which my sons love, is playing a game called, “loteria,” with as many as 30 family members in the hours leading up to the fireworks on the eve of September 16th. Think of it as Mexican bingo, but with lots of painfully practical prizes like pots, pans, and paper towels.

Juego de la Lotería -

But since most of my Mexican family still live in Mexico, of course, how we celebrate hasn’t changed as much as evolved. In fact, technology has brought us to a place where my family here in the States can actually participate with my family there in real time.

In recent years, my immediate family here in the States – which includes my husband, kids, and “Uncle” Frank (who is my husband’s best friend, but like a brother to us)- celebrates “Día de la Independencia” with yummy Mexican foods like entomatadas, sopes, enchiladas or, my son’s favorite, pozole verde. Later, we’ve made sure to call the family in Mexico and visit with them on the phone while they are playing “Loteria.”

Pozole verde de pollo

But now, this year we’re excited that technology has made it possible for us to actually play “Lotería” with them by video conferencing over the internet.

We’ll play now as one bigger, happy family. Let’s just hope there’s enough bandwidth! (Caution: Some technical issues still to be sorted!!)

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No matter how you family, enjoy the holiday!

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