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Thanks to Latina Bloggers Connect and Pangea for sponsoring this post. As always my opinions and love for helping other moms are my own. 

In the USA we celebrate Mother's Day on the second weekend of May, but in Mexico it is always May 10th. On that day, it doesn't matter if it's a Monday, a Wednesday or a Thursday, families get together to honor the heart of their families–their mothers. It just so happens this year Mother's Day is the same day in the United States as it is in Mexico.

I've always found it fascinating, though, how moms are usually the ones preparing the meals, or making sure the house is clean, or feeding the kids, even on Mother's Day. That's one of the reasons why, in the last few years, my brothers have taken my mom out for dinner and a movie on Mother's Day, to avoid her having to do all that.

I wish I could be with them to celebrate this year, but living so far away leaves me with just a couple of options: a call and a virtual hug. Are you in the same predicament?

I could send a gift, but if I ask my mom what she would like, she always says, “I don't need anything” or “Let me think about it” (I am still waiting for last year's response), and the postage for sending a gift can be a bit high.

I get it, I'm a mom too. If my husband or kids ask me the same question, I usually answer “world peace.” (I wish I could say I was so altruistic, but I think I'm just too tired to think of an idea for my own present.) But the important thing here is, I know what my mom and I really want, and that is to be appreciated for what we do. A present is just one tangible way of expressing it.

I don't know what my mom wants for Mother's Day this year, and you know, I won't ask her because this year I want her to decide for herself. No questions, no pressure, but because she can't buy a gift with air, I'll be sending her money.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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