Children Explore the World with Their Mouths

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Thank you to the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) for sponsoring this post about an important safety topic.

Once, when my older boy was about 12 months old, we were in the kitchen together. I was chopping vegetables and he was exploring on his hands and knees. It felt but a moment had passed when I looked to see how he was getting on with his expedition and there he was, sitting on the floor, with the contents of an entire box of cereal scattered around him as he chewed the box. He’d managed to pull on the bottom of the closed pantry door and help himself to the box.

I’m reminded of this incident, both humorous and humbling, at least once each year during this week, National Poison Prevention Week. I’m willing to admit to all of you my lapse that day in order to remind us all that kids are curious with their mouths, and I am humbled by the thought of what he might have found to chew on that day.

And that’s why I’m so glad to be teaming up with the great folks at the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI), during this National Poison Prevention Week, to raise awareness about an important safety campaign called Key Pledge which raises awareness about a safety concern many caregivers may not have considered before: laundry room safety.

ACI National Poison Prevention Week 2015

Check out this great poster from ACI! Its message is clear: Ensure children keep their HANDS OFF liquid laundry products.

In a study conducted by ACI, it was found that 86% of caregivers, people like you and me, are improperly storing their liquid laundry packets. Laundry packets are filled with highly concentrated doses of detergent so that we can easily and consistently use the right amount for our laundry. It’s important to always store this product up and out of reach of young children and to remember to keep the product container securely closed before, during and after use.

That’s why ACI and I are looking to inspire action among parents and other caregivers to take charge and properly store laundry packets to prevent accidental ingestion or exposure.

These powerful packets of detergent are designed to dissolve in water. That means children need to keep their HANDS OFF liquid laundry packets. We must always store them in their original container or pouch and they must be kept out of sight and out of reach of our little ones, just like we would with any other household cleaning products.

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One last thing, why not take a moment to ensure the Poison Help number, 1-800-222-1222, is readily available on your cellphone and attach a copy of the number to the front of your refrigerator.

Stay Safe,

Silvia Martinez
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