February Fun on PBS Kids

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Curious George - Happy Valentine's George!

I can’t believe it’s February already! I see hearts everywhere, yummy Valentine’s recipes and new shows on TV. It’s always a fun month and PBS Kids has a couple of fun surprises of its own, so get ready, I’ll give you the scoop:

Curious George

As I’ve mentioned before, the current Curious George season is focusing on teaching preschoolers science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts, in addition to teaching about the five senses (smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight). On February 9th, the newest adventure arrives in “Happy Valentine’s Day, George!”

Happy Valentine's Day, George!

George wants to make his friends the best Valentine’s Day cards ever, but even with four paws, it takes a long time to create homemade cards for everyone. Using sponge shapes, red paint, and a waffle iron, George creates the first ever monkey Valentine’s printing press!

Please check your local listings to confirm times and days. For more monkey fun, you can access a variety of educational resources, including games on the five senses like “Roller Monkey” and “Cows Don’t Quack!” on the Curious George website. Click here for a wide variety of fun games, special activities, printables, and videos!

Sesame Street

PBS Kids and Sesame Street will premiere Cookie Monster’s very first special “The Cookie Thief” on February 16th.

Sesame Street-Cookie Monster- The Cookie Thief

A cookie art museum has just opened on Sesame Street. Cookie Monster and his friends feel as if they’re in a whole new world, but when art suddenly starts to disappear, Cookie Monster quickly becomes a suspect. Can Cookie Monster clear his name? Will they find the missing art in time, or will Cookie Monster be banished from the museum forever? “The Cookie Thief” is a fun, action-packed special in which Cookie Monster explores self-regulation concepts – such as impulse control, following directions and managing emotions.

Other New Adventures

Nature Cat

Now for even more exciting news! PBS Kids just announced a brand new series that will premier this fall called Nature Cat.

PBS Kids - Nature Cat

Nature Cat is an animated series that encourages children to explore nature. Nature Cat follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. Through this series, co-creators and brothers David Rudman (Sesame Street, The Muppets) and Adam Rudman (Tom & Jerry, Sesame Street, Cyberchase) have teamed up to inspire viewers to get outdoors and develop connections with the natural world. Designed for kids ages 3-8, the show will encourage families to get active and go on their own outdoor adventures.

The Odd Squad

PBS Kids Odd Quad hexagon

Last, but certainly, not least, have your kids been watching the Odd Squad? If not, check it out. This new series, which premiered last fall, presents a fun new problem solving adventure in every episode. Kids learn math and science concepts, problem solving and how to laugh. Please check your local listings for times in your area, and check out the Odd Squad web page for activities, games, videos and to watch the latest episode.



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