Fun Foods for the Latin Grammys 2014

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Playing the guitar

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with the California Milk Processor Board and Latina Mom Bloggers, However, all opinions expressed are my own.

You may recall almost all of our family parties in Mexico ended with the family singing and playing guitar. Even when they sent me to bed early, I lay in my bed listening to those far away boleros my family adores so much.

My husband’s family is musical, too, in fact they all play some sort of instrument. My husband, for example, plays the guitar and the trumpet. And now our own little family is starting to show traces of these musical traits. My older boy sings, started guitar classes, and now is playing the trumpet in the school band.

So you might imagine that music shows are popular in our house, especially the big awards shows like the Latin Grammys which are just around the corner. Tomorrow in fact! And we like to celebrate, sometimes with a big party including friends and family, and sometimes with a small party just for us.

If you like celebrating awards nights, too, then I thought, perhaps, you might like some suggestions for some fun family party foods and drinks.

Yummy Morsels

cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers by

A party is not a party without party food. Since our party will be just us this year, I’m going to prepare our favorite party dishes. But, for the purposes of this special Grammy night, we’re renaming some of our favorite dishes to honor the nominees:

Dreamy Drinks

Leche con chocolate, licuado de plátano

Milk fuels a better future and therefore it’s a star in our house, we drink it every day, and since the Grammys are showing during our “Merienda time,” here are three of our favorites:


In addition to the show, of course:

  • I’m going to keep my iPad open to follow all the emotion on social media. It’s always an interesting experience to live the moment with thousands of others.
  • I’m going to print out the list of nominees, so each of us can make our predictions and the one who gets the most correct will win a special prize.

kid drinking chocolate milk by

When I watch shows like the Grammys, I like to see how some nominees invite their moms or dads to come to the ceremony with them. I like to think that much of their success started at home. Sometimes I wonder what their childhood was like. Did they do the same things we did each day? Did they sit down at breakfast with the family, and, over a glass of milk, talk about their dreams for the future? My mom did it with me, and I do it with my boys, and I hope my boys will do it with their children, too. Mom said a glass of milk was the first step to a successful life and she would say, “Sound body, sound mind.”


To a better future logo

Cheers to a brighter future!

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Mayito Castillo

Es una deliciosa idea, Chiles rellenos para degustarlos en familia!

Little Miss Kate

Oh love the drink ideas, anything chocolate is always good in my books.


I look forward to watching the Grammy’s every year! Great ideas for party snacks. Those Mark Anthony Cheese stuffed jalapeño chiles look really good!

Chocolate milk is always a favorite here in our house. The banana berry milk popsicles sound yummy!

Michelle C

I love the Latin Grammys, it’s always a little piece of my childhood and sitting with my grandmother jamming out to her favorite singers.

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