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This post is made possible by Latina Mom Bloggers and Univisión. As always my opionions, comments, and love for the time I spent watching telenovelas with my grandma are all my own.

One of my favorite pastimes when living in Mexico was getting together with the women in my family to watch telenovelas. I enjoyed sitting with my grandma, who would sit in her sitting room, appropriately enough, with the television on and her needlepoint bag next to her chair. I looked forward with anticipation to focussing on the stories and talking about what was happening while we watched each episode.

I really enjoyed our telenovela hour. I could forget the world and get excited about what was happening on the screen.

Last summer, I was visiting that same house, where one of my aunts now lives, and, every weekday for an entire month, we got together in the kitchen at 11 am to watch a telenovela while picking pebbles out of piles of beans, removing peas from their pods, cooking the midday meal, and chatting. Ah, such memories!

Do you like telenovelas, too? Do you get together with family to watch them?

If you are a fan, too, you will be pleased to know that I will be posting a series of 5 articles where I will be talking all about them. I hope you will join in the conversation, too. Perhaps, I'll even bring you a few celebrity interviews as well! Be on the lookout!

For the time being, today's featured telenovela is La Malquerida, based on an original story by Nobel Prize winner, Jacinto Benavente. La Malquerida tells the story of young Acacia (Ariadne Díaz), who can't come to terms with her father's death, much less her mother's new love interest. The loss of Acacia's father is further complicated by her mother's discovery that their hacienda is in debt. Esteban (Christian Meier), a handsome and trusted employee, asks Acacia's mother Cristina (Victoria Ruffo) to accept his help in saving the estate. Esteban and Cristina's working relationship develops into one of mutual admiration and, eventually, love. Unable to deal with the circumstances, Acacia leaves her home to live with her grandparents. As time passes, Acacia develops into a beautiful young women. Upon her return to the estate after several years, Esteban discovers he carries a secret passion for her as well.

Can harmony be restored on the hacienda? Stay tuned!!

In short, it has uncontrollable obsession, forbidden love, and a toxic love triangle. Perfect ingredients for a telenovela, don't you think?

La Malquerida

Who do you think kisses better? Cristina and Esteban or Acacia and Esteban? We will see!!!

La Malquerida airs Monday through Friday at 10 pm EST on Univisión.

univision logoAs you know, Univisión has some of the best novelas in primetime and is the highest-rated Spanish-language television network in the United States. Its programming ranges from epic, historical fiction to modern, bold themes. There is something for everybody.

Since we will be chatting about telenovelas, I would like to share all the information you need to join in the conversation. Ready? You can see new episodes of La Malquerida here, follow the #LaMalquerida hashtag on twitter. For more info about telenovelas, follow Univisión Novelas y Series on Facebook, on Twitter, and Instagram.


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