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Thanks to the folks at Mitsubishi for allowing me to test drive their beautiful vehicle

I like blogger conferences, and for a few years now, I've wanted to attend Camp Blogaway, a small conference nestled away in a mountain forest of Southern California. I finally did. It gave me a chance to mingle with some of my favorite people, food bloggers. The conference is all about food and the amazing people who cook it and blog about it!

But to get there I needed a little bit of help. We've only one car at home and with all the kids' activities, I needed to leave the car with my husband. Fortunately for me, the folks at Mitsubishi came to the rescue and allowed me to test drive a beautiful Mitsubishi Outlander GT.

I was very happy.

The conference was fantastic with expert chefs, food stylists, and food photographers, and, of course, many fun and interesting food bloggers. Plus the setting was peaceful and the air was fresh.

As for the Outlander, it not only handled the drive up into the San Bernardino Mountains well, but did it with style. It is loaded with advanced technology including features like torque vectoring, adaptive cruise control, and a rearview camera system just to name three among many.

Mitsubishi Outlander in front of cabinHere is the vehicle next to the cabin I shared with 11 other bloggers, can you imagine how fun it was?

And here are a few features I particularly liked about this compact SUV:

Mitsubishi Outlander GT ignition buttonMy own car still needs a key turned to start the engine, but this Mitsubishi Outlander had push button start and stop. I just needed the fob nearby to start it. So there was no digging for a key, the fob just sat in my purse.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT GPS systemI really liked the navigation screen. It showed me two perspectives of the road, which was incredibly helpful to me as I started up the mountains on that curvy road. It was also very helpful for finding gas stations and the like.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT steering wheelI liked that I could control a lot of things from the steering wheel including my phone, the volume on the radio, and the cruise control. Everything was at my fingertips.

The Outlander model I drove also had a lane departure warning system that notified me when I was crossing a line, helping keep me straight and true.

Mitsubishi Outlander trunkThe rear compartment had more than ample space. This is the luggage of three bloggers, and I don't mean just luggage like clothes and shoes. I am talking about sleeping bags, suitcases and big bags with goodies from the conference. Everything fit right in with plenty of room to spare as you can see.

Mitsubishi Outlander third rowAnother of its great feature is its third row seating. We don't see compact SUVs with a third row often, and I found it very useful. I wish my own vehicle had a third row.  The Mitsubishi Outlander seems the perfect size for a family of 4-5, while still having the flexibility of a third row for a couple more riders when needed.

A couple of other features I wanted to mention were its forward collision mitigation system, an underfloor cargo area storage, its amazing 710-watt Rockford Fosgate® Premium Sound System, and the mom blogger's favorite, power remote tailgate.

Lastly, I just have to mention the outstanding Outlander 28 mpg highway rating. That's excellent for a compact SUV.

The model I drove was the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander 3.0 GT S-AWC. Find out about the new 2015 Outlanders here.






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