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This summer my sons went to a small soccer camp in town. I thought we had them all prepared until my older son informed me that he had run out of water in the first hour!

Well the camp was six hours a day, so after both being relieved that he was still standing and horrified that we had failed so miserably the first day, I asked him how he managed the situation.

soccer ball on a field

Well the coach had some extra water (he probably had experience suffering fools like us), and one of the other kids gave him an extra sugary drink he had.


This got me to wondering and I asked my son, do you ever run out of water at school? Answer: Every day.

Double ugh!

What about the drinking fountain?

Answer: Well, the water just trickles out of it, and besides, I’ll miss most of my recess running from the field to the drinking fountain and back, so I just skip it.

Triple ugh!!!

I need to keep my kids hydrated.

kid walking with a backpack

It dawned on me that I had the answer right in front of me. Latina Mom Bloggers had already contacted me about the Nestle® Pure Life® brand Drink Better, Live Better Rewards Program. Hurry and check it out before it ends on Sept 30, 2014. They are working to encourage families to live healthier lives and drink more water to stay hydrated, including swapping out sugary drinks for water in school lunch boxes.

In addition to offering fantastic rewards like kids’ sports equipment, Nestle® Pure Life® coupons, backpacks, gift cards, theme park tickets and more, they will have expert advice at the Nestle® Pure Life® Spanish language Facebook page on how to help families lead healthier lives and the many benefits of drinking water.

Plus, it’s a great place for moms to share with other moms their own expertise on how they keep their own kids hydrated.

I’m concentrating this weekend on planning for, and finding, healthier drink and snack lunch options for my kids as they go back-to-school. If you are looking to swap out soda and other sugary drinks from your child’s lunch as well, but you still want a little effervescence and a burst of fruit flavor, Nestle® has sparkling water, too, unsweetened and with no artificial colors.

These are not part of the rewards program but you can still try them for a fresh taste. Find them at Target stores nationwide including fun flavors like Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Mango Peach Pineapple, and Tangerine.

Enjoy and stay hydrated this school year,

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Mayito Castillo

Interesante post. Estoy de acuerdo! El agua es fuente de vida y de salud. tenemos la obligacion como padres a enseñarles a nuestros hijos tener buenos habitos desde pequeños como lo es, tomar mucha agua para estar hidratados.

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