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Here’s a tip about a new app for iPhone that should prove valuable to parents. It’s called PBS KIDS Super Vision and it’s designed to give parents the ability to supervise what their kids are watching, playing, and learning on pbskids.org in real-time, while helping them make the most of their screen time.

It also allows parents to remotely set from their mobile device a Play Timer that puts pbskids.org to sleep on their child’s screen when it’s time to transition to something new.


Parents, using either an iPhone or iPod Touch, enter a simple code on their mobile device to start. Plus they’ll receive suggestions for related activities they can do with their children off-screen to extend the fun and learning goals of the games or videos their children play on pbskids.org.

The app requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Parents can access the free app conveniently from their mobile phones anytime, anywhere, so they can stay in touch with their children’s pbskids.org activities even when on the go.

Yeah, pbskids.org!



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