Painting with Submerged Colors

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colorful stripes, white, yellow and blue
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Looking out the window one day, I noticed my husband driving very slowly up the street toward our house. The rear gate of our car was open and a rather large black thing was sticking out from the back.

He’d gone to the store and on the way back found a large piece of furniture in front of a neighbor’s house. A “free” sign was stuck to it and it caught his eye because we’d been looking for something similar, except for the color was all wrong. I’m still not sure how he got it into the car all by himself, but he’s funny that way.

Coat Rack and Bench Expresso Brown

The piece sat in our house for awhile, as things often do, just waiting for inspiration as we often do. Then one day our friends at Lowe’s contacted us with a new challenge. Do something using submerged color trends.

Now truth be told, we weren’t inspired yet, because frankly we didn’t have a clue what submerged colors were. So we did a little research and found this color palette.

When we saw the colors it was like the sky’d opened and the angels were singing! We live near the water and this palette “takes inspiration from the natural world living deep beneath the surface of our seas” as the trend bible so aptly puts it.

We knew we’d found our inspiration. It never ceases to amaze me how just a bit of paint can transform a piece of furniture or even an entire space.

collage of a bench painted with submerged colors details -

I can’t wait to show you what we have planned for the house next.

For this project we used Valspar Ultra Zero VOC Pain + Primer all-in-one in the following colors

  • Valspar Satin Belle Grove Antique white
  • Valspar Satin Starry Sky
  • Valspar Satin Spring Moss
  • Valspar Satin Sea Wave
Coat rack in submerged colors with pillows

Want even more great ideas? Check out Lowe’s in Pinterest, Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook, and Lowe’s on Instagram, they are all loaded with projects to inspire you, too.

Happy painting!

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Mayito Castillo

Excelente! Gracias Silvia por compartirnos tus inspiraciones y obras de arte. Me encanto como quedo. Hermoso, moderno, y funcional.

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