Morro Bay Kite Festival

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We didn’t really know what to expect when we stopped by the Morro Bay, Ca., Kite Festival last weekend, but what we found was a wind-fed wonderland of creative kites and kite fliers that delighted the kids and made for a surprisingly fun and relaxing day.

Boat Kite -

I know! right? Fun and relaxing are sometimes hard to come by at the same time, but with kites of all types and sizes floating above the beach, it made it ok to just sit back and enjoy watching them as they shifted back and forth above us, channeling the wind from head to tail, like this giant yellow octopus did (The octopus was over 90 feet long and maybe 20 feet wide).

octopus kite -

There were boat kites and bird kites, triangular kites and circular kites, small kites and large kites….


….even a giant Gecko kite (at least I think it was a Gecko). There were kites with wings that flapped and kites that seemed to not move at all. There were also Master kite fliers who exhibited amazing control over their kites and even had them choreographed to music.

geko kite -

We had an Angry Birds kite of our own that did quite well and only cost us 99 cents (That’s it way up in the sky in the picture below).

angry bird kite dollar store -

My little one found the perfect position for viewing kites, covered with sand, sunglasses on, lying back and relaxing. Now that’s what I call the perfect afternoon!

kid playing with sand -

If you would like to see or participate in a kite festival for yourself, here is the American Kitefliers Association Kite Festival calendar to see if there is one scheduled near you. (There probably is!).


Meanwhile, let’s go fly a kite!

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Mayito Castillo

Que espectaculo tan lindo. Nunca he tenido la dicha de ver uno igual. Wao! Debe ser emocionante estar ahi viendolo, y que buena idea se le ocurrioa tu niño de enterrarse en arena para poder divisar el espectaculo. Lindas fotos!

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