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Interesting Facts about Frozen -

DisclosureToday I wanted to share a video with you. It was recorded at a blogger event in anticipation of the release of Disney’s Frozen on Blu-Ray and DVD. The sound is a little low, you'll want to watch in a quiet place or use headphones, and the picture’s a little dark, but it's still worth checking out for those of you who are Frozen maniacs, of which I am definitely one.

Frozen Ice Castle -

The video features an interview with Jennifer Lee (Director, Co-Writer), Chris Buck (Director) and Peter Del Vecho (Producer) of the Academy Award® winning film. They provide some wonderful insights into the development of the film.

I hope you enjoy it (about 20 minutes long). Thanks to for the video.

And don’t forget Frozen is coming out on Blu-Ray and is available on March 18th!!

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