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Thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring today’s discussion. The comments, opinions and style are my own.

Today is the perfect day to talk about one of the things I love.

Let’s start with a reality check, though! I know it seems so simple, but I really don’t want my kids using their sleeves when they should be using a tissue. I want a box of Kleenex nearby no matter which room we’re in.

Having said that, I don’t want to feel like I have to hide them either… um, the boxes that is. In Mexico, the women in my family there used to actually needlepoint little covers for their boxes to cover them up.  Quite frankly, I just don’t have time for that. But I still want them to look good in my house.

My officeSo here’s the thing I love. Kleenex boxes have become so stylish. I know, right? No more box covers to sew together! You can tell these new boxes have really been designed with an eye for, well, design.

Here is one I picked up for my desk that I love having near my van Gogh print and my Miró-inspired mug. (Kleenex has a fun quiz you can take to see if you can pick-out which design is high fashion and which is a Kleenex design. They’re also having a fantastic sweepstakes connected to it. Don’t miss that.)

Kids bedroomAnd here is the box my son actually asked for himself!!

You know this is the first time my boy has ever stopped me to ask for something other than a cereal box, candy, or a toy in the supermarket.  And I thought, “Nice, now that I can live with!” Look where he put it.

Kleenex design boxesAnd I just had to show you my Mama Latina Tips Kleenex box, coming soon to a store near you! Just joking.

Be sure to check out the very entertaining video below and definitely don’t forget to test your fashion sense for a chance to win. Visit the Kleenex Style finder page and click on the “sweeps” tab in the top right corner of the page. Then click “Play to Enter.” The grand prize is some serious swag:

  • An all expenses paid trip to NYC
  • A personal meet-and-greet with a design superstar
  • $5,000 for shopping!

So don’t miss your chance at that!


For a little fun, take this one question survey (It takes just two second, no really, two seconds) to find what others think about the new Kleenex designs and their own styles.

Enjoy your style,

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Yumna Patricia

Muy bonitos los diseños.


I love that pixel looking box. It’s so cool!

Mayito Castillo

Hermosos, decorativos, coloridos, en cualquier sitio de la casa se veran bien, y nos sacaran de apuro para los inprevistos!

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