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Ok, so maybe you are thinking about a new car before the year is up.

Earlier this year I had the chance to take a Kia Sorento on an extended test drive to Disneyland and back. So we thought what better way to test the Kia Forte, for comparison sake, than to take it to Disneyland and back, too. Right? Well my kids certainly loved the idea! Of course we picked them up from school and said, “Guess where we’re going?” Pandamonium ensued.

Kia Forte Steering Wheel

Anyway we headed to Disneyland to see the special events the folks at Disney had created for their Holiday Season including the new World of Color – Winter Dreams show among many other wonderful things.

Anyway, back to the Kia Forte, before I mention anything else, I just have to say, if you want to get noticed, make sure to take a look at this car. When I first saw it pull up, that gorgeous blue made my pulse speed up a bit and my heart probably skipped a beat. Also, if you love technology, the Kia Forte (this was the EX model) is jam packed with technology including, among many other features (like their available UVO eServices and Sirius satellite radio), a rear camera display, which we found very useful, and an advanced airbag system.

kia forte mamalatinatips

But probably the coolest thing for us was the gas mileage we experienced on our test. Now let me be clear, most of the miles on our test were highway miles, but still we ended up averaging just under 37 miles per gallon over the entire trip to Disneyland and back. This included heavy stop and go traffic jam with slow going (5 mph) for about 30 minutes in Santa Barbara on the way down and some traffic just north of Disneyland for about 15 minutes on the way back.

Kia Forte Dashboard

Overall, I found the Kia Forte both economical and exciting, with excellent attention to detail in safety and technology without skimping on style.

Kia Forte Front

Oh, and check out the story I made of attractions for kids at the Disneyland resort most of which are still available through January 6th.

Thanks Kia for being a part of the magic this year!


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