A Seasonal Centerpiece Inspired by Las Posadas

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Las Posadas CenterpieceFor both my family in Mexico and for me, this is an active time of year. I had the good fortune of being with them last year during the month of December, and I had forgotten just how busy the holiday season can be.

In my home town, nearly every day of December has a festival, or a fiesta, or both, attached to it.  December 12th is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, then the Posadas begin, running nine days in a row through December 24th, and then, of course, the reason for it all, Christmas Day. This is all in addition to any of the birthdays or other family fiestas celebrated in December.

I was given a challenge by the great folks at Lowe’s to design a centerpiece inspired by Las Posadas as we celebrate them in Mexico.  If you are not already familiar with the tradition, the Posadas are re-enactments of Mary and Joseph’s famous search for a place to stay and we repeat it for nine days in a row. In this project, I tried to capture the tradition, symbolism and meaning behind the celebration.

I used the following materials: A lazy Susan, papel picado, wood chips, wax candles, electric candles, a rosary (or green bow), Christmas ornaments and roses. All except for the rosary and tissue paper are available at Lowe's.Posadas Centerpiece Materials

Posadas Centerpiece Lazy SussanSo here’s my Posada centerpiece:

Posada Centerpiece TopAnd here is a list of the elements and their significance:

  • Candles-Light for the Holy Family's Journey
  • Wood Chips-represent Mary and Joseph’s humble accommodations and state.
  • Red Ornaments-represent Christmas
  • Rosary-Mary
  • Roses-Mary’s traditional flower

Posada centerpiece with lightThese centerpieces are more than decorative, they provide much needed light on the tables in the courtyard where my family reenacts the Posadas and serves the traditional foods and treats.

If you have a family tradition and are looking to get your creative ideas flowing, I encourage you to register for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine, it’s free and is published every three months and comes directly to your home.

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Happy Holidays!




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