Papa How Far is It to The Sun?

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So we were driving down a country road the other day, lost in our own thoughts and watching the corn, sunflowers, pumpkins and peppers pass by, when my five year old cracks the silence to ask my husband, “Papa, how far is it to the sun?” I smirked a little, sure he was going to be stumped, when my husband pounds the steering wheel and blurts out rather impressively and enthusiastically, “93,000,000 miles…I love it when my kids use their brains!”

This sudden exuberance prompted an almost immediate follow-up question from the little one, “Are there more stars in the sky or grains of sand on the beaches?”

A moment of silence.

My nine year old chimes in, “Is there more dirt or sand?” “More leaves or sand?” “Bananas or apples?” “Apples or oranges?”

5 year old: “Why did Jesús create mosquitos?” (He always says Jesus’ name in Spanish)

9 year old: “Why does the floor get warm where I bounce a ball?”

My husband: “When things jiggle more they get warmer” (I know he got that from Richard Feynman)

9 year old: “Which is there more of: air or water?” “Why do we have to buy electricity?” “Where do shooting stars come from?” “If I run faster than the speed of light, could I find my lost ball?”


Husband: “Aren’t the fields beautiful this time of year?”






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