Love Notes in Your Kids’ Lunch Boxes

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Sending a lunch to school my kids will eat is always challenging. Sometimes I give them the same thing for weeks (if I land on something they like) and sometimes I make small changes. When I'm feeling brave I'll prepare something completely different. This year is specially challenging because my kids are going to a new school that has a no-nuts lunch policy, and so I've had to say bye-bye to the ever-popular PB&J sandwiches.

But still I want to make their lunches special.

So, I've been looking for new ways to accomplish this. A few months ago I found bento boxes, you may have seen some of them here. They are beautiful, edible works of art. There are some parents out there creating intricate designs based on their children's favorite characters or things. Truly amazing. I was inspired by them and I tried a couple of my own, check out my Happy Ducky bento here and my Mexican Molletes bento here.

And I have found something else! Lately I have been noticing these very cute notes of love and encouragement that you can print and put inside your children's lunches. It's a fun way to remind them that they're loved and supported. Isn't that wonderful? You can make your own colorful notes with fun characters in just minutes, look at these:

Our friends at Nestlé have created a page where with just a few clicks of the mouse you can create special notes for your kids and print them out. Just click right here, then click on Nestlé Back to School, then on “Get Started.” After that just, follow the instructions

  1. Choose a background
  2. Create a character
  3. Choose a message
  4. Print it out

That's it!  You can also share it on Facebook or Pinterest if you like. This is the one I created

nestle-cardNow go get yours!

What do you do to make your kids' lunches more special?


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