3 Ways to Save Money on Children’s Clothing

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Thanks to the great folks at Kimberly-Clark for sponsoring this post. As always, my comments and opinions are my own.

This summer, my husband and I sent my older boy to my parents’ house for a week, and the day he walked back through the door we couldn’t believe how much he’d grown!! It seemed he was 5 inches taller!! His trousers didn’t fit him anymore and his long sleeve shirt was now ¾ length.

We all know kids grow like weeds and their clothes aren’t the cheapest things out there, specially considering how quickly they outgrow them. We’ve all heard about the traditional ways to save on clothes, like buying at the end of the season, buying one size up, garage sales, and the rest, so I won’t repeat those except to say just that.

But today I would like to share three newer options that can help stretch those budget dollars when buying clothes for your kids:

1. Check out ThredUp.com.  This is like a humongous online consignment store. You will find quality clothing from top brands (you won’t find clothes from discounting stores here) at amazing prices. Even more! Make some money!  Do you have lots of clothes your kids aren’t using anymore? ThredUp.com buys clothes! They have a great page with all you need to know about how to sell to them.

2. Join a kids clothing club like Wittlebee. They will ship a monthly box with new, quality brand kids clothes based off your own child’s age, gender and size. They choose three pieces, you choose three. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.  Being a member also gives you access to their swap group, discount pricing on weekly sales and access to discounts with other companies they partner with. Plus, you will be saving on gas and time!

3. Be on the look out for annual or semi-annual consignment sale events. It’s like going to the biggest thrift store ever! There is one in my city. Moms from all over get their gently used clothes (also toys, books, and baby gear) ready to sell and you get to shop at amazing prices all at once.

There you are, three tips to help make it through the month. I wanted to remind you, too, that Kimberly-Clark has launched Pick Up the Values, a program that provides helpful tips and convenient value on trusted brand essentials for your family to help parents stretch their budget even further.  Also visit Pick Up the Values Facebook page to get real tips from parents like you and me.

Keep saving!

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