Happy Ducky Bento Box

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I have been looking into bento boxes for the longest time, do you know what they are? Just search for Bento in Pinterest and enjoy the ride!!  Basically they are Japanese lunch boxes that have been gaining a lot of popularity among mothers lately.  I am a believer that if you give your kids foods that look beautiful they may eat them with a little more gusto, so I gave it a try.

Ducky Bento Box

My oldest son has been playing with rubber duckies lately and that was my inspiration, so here is how I made this box.

1. I thought about what I could use for the water and what is more delicious or blue than blueberries right?  So I used them for the lake water, then I added some shredded cabbage which I think gives great texture.

2. I made a quesadilla using a corn tortilla, pepper jack cheese and smoked ham. Then, while using my son’s rubber ducky for inspiration, I cut out the shape with a small knife (I am sure there are cookie cutters in ducky shapes, I just didn’t have one at the moment).  The beak is a piece of carrot and I made the eye with a deep burgundy colored lettuce.

3. Don’t you think the orange makes a perfect sun? That was easy, but as my kid loves everything with chile, I added a small compartment with orange and chile pepper.  We like Tajín.

Ducky Bento Box

There you have it, a fun, healthy and delicious lunch I am sure my kid will eat.

Have you made Bento Boxes?



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