38 Disney Bento Boxes for Back to School

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Back to School Bentos

The back to school season came quickly this year. We’ve changed schools. The boys’ old school finished July 3rd, while this new one starts August 22nd. So the kids had just 6 1/2 weeks for summer vacation. We’re feeling a little frantic, but also we’re really looking forward to our fantastic new school.

One of my hopes this year is to increase my repertoire of lunch menus for the boys. Also, I’d like to try to make the lunches a little more appealing. To that end, I’ve been doing a little research on bento boxes.

Now that I’ve completed my research, I wanted to share two posts I created as a contributor to Babbles’ Disney Voices, one about Disney Princess inspired bento boxes, and the second about other Disney character inspired bento boxes.

You may already know what a bento box is, but if you aren’t familiar with them, the name bento originally meant convenient, but it seems to have become a sort of artistically, or at least creatively, designed lunch. I am just completely awestruck by the truly creative, edible works of art I found while researching these two posts, so I just had to share them with you.

Now I have to run and start designing my kids’ bento boxes.

Enjoy your back to school time!

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