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I don’t know what the bedtime routine’s like in your house, but in ours it can get a little crazy. My boys are different enough in age that they aren’t always interested in reading the same bedtime storybook. So we often read two and we try to read a little bit in both Spanish and English, if time allows, which it often doesn’t.

Now we recently downloaded the Disney Storytime App for iPad (full disclosure: I am a Babble Disney Voices Contributor, but this is not a sponsored post) and we’re giving it a test drive. One of the features I really like about the stories we’ve read so far is they seem to be the perfect length for our bedtime routine. Of the 3 we’ve read so far, one took about five minutes, one took about six minutes, and the third about seven minutes.

For us, the story length gives us the flexibility to read one, two, three or even four stories depending on the particular day.

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The app includes the largest collection of digital Disney stories available including stories about everyone from Aladdin to Wall-E and a whole lot in between.

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Each comes with original background music appropriate to the characters and theme. The Monsters, Inc., inspired story, “Always Time for a Laugh,” for instance, features a jazzy score with saxophone, flute, violin, and snare drum.

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Each includes the wonderful Disney artwork you would expect.

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And your child can create her own avatar for the app including adding a photo, or not, of herself for her avatar’s face.

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Kids manage their own bookshelves in the app, so after parents purchase story credits, kids can choose which storybooks they want. Also, a recording feature allows kids or their parents to record themselves reading the story. Kids can follow along while listening to their own voices and can try out their dramatic voices while reading.

You can get the Disney Storytime app in the Apple app store for 99 cents which comes with three stories to get you started. They currently have up to 17 more stories available for purchase (you can buy all 17 of the remaining stories together at once for $8.99).  If you have an iPad, I recommend buying the app through your iPad for bedtime reading.

Happy Reading!

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