You Never Visit Me Anymore: A Garden Shed Story

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Have you ever had a room, or in our case a garden shed, you just didn’t want to face?

The “before” photo below is a bit tame and doesn’t really tell the whole story. This shed, in addition to being very dark and having vines infiltrating from all sides, was jammed with stuff and difficult to even get into, much less reach the shelf on the back wall.

You know how it is, things just pile up. We kept telling ourselves, “We really should organize this place sometime,” and before we knew it, the entrance was blocked. Of course, this made for a great place for black widow spiders and the like, which in turn made it just that much more fun to visit.

Shed Before Collagemark450

The motivation for facing down the garden shed came from the good folks over at Lowe’s, who challenged us to create, or organize and make tidy, an outdoor storage area. So now was definitely the time to tackle this beast.

Our goal was twofold: Make it useful again and make it as inviting as possible so we would actually use it. We thought about what we could do, what we were willing to do, and what the budget would allow, and we decided on the following plan:

Step 1: Clean everything out of it, cut back the encroaching vegetation, and get rid of everything that was… let’s just say… expired.

Step 2: Prime and Paint it inside and out.

Step 3: Find a lockable cabinet and a tool rack to utilize the space well and secure any items we wanted to keep out of the reach of the children.

Step 4: Replace the roof making it less dark and dingy, more inviting, and more likely to be used.

The above picture shows the new tool rack we purchased for standing tools up including our new shovel, hoe, and rake. No more tools piled up in the corner, falling over every time we need to grab one. Nice!

shedafter CollagemarkedSo what do you think? (The paint was still a little wet on the exterior when we took the picture) We are so pleased we decided to change out the roof. You can see in the middle pictures of the “Before” collage how the old roof was blocking most of the sunlight and had become overgrown with moss and lichen. In the bottom middle picture of the “After” collage, you can see how brightly the sun shines through now. The yellow paint really brightens the space, too, don’t you think? And, talking about space, it’s amazing how much there is now.

So here’s what we got

  • Paint and Primer Inside and Out (The guy at Lowe’s was extremely helpful in choosing the correct ones)
  • XL Utility Cabinet
  • Tool Rack (made by same company as the Utility Cabinet, but couldn’t find a link)
  • Roofing
  • New Rake
  • New Shovel
  • New Hoe (the old ones were kind of splintery)

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If you’re looking for great ideas for your own outdoor cleaning and organizing project, or anything else for that matter, I want to invite you to sign up for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine, it’s free! Also, check out Lowe’s at Pinterest, Lowes in Instagram, and like Lowe’s on Facebook, all are great resources for ideas and pics to get you started on your own projects at home. And absolutely don’t miss the Lowe’s Creative Ideas website, where you can find all kinds of great ideas.

Disclosure: I am a Lowe’s Creative Ideas ambassador and I received a gift card to complete my assignment. As always all comments and opinions are solely my own.

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Mayito Castillo

Waooo!! Que cambio! Te quedo muy organizada y bonita la casetica y me imagino que todo salio muy economico.

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