Great Night at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2013

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The positively spectacular Billboard Latin Music Awards were last night. I hope you didn’t miss them, but if you did, have no fear, I’m going to give you highlights.

One of my favorite moments was Maná’s receiving the Espíritu de la Esperanza 2013 Award. I’ve always been a fan of the band, and now I admire them even more for all their hard work promoting the importance of caring for our planet through the Selva Negra Foundation. I invite you to watch this short video clip from the show about Selva Negra’s work.

And did you see Carlos Vives and the Brazilian sensation Michel Teló’s performance? Amazing!

Prince Royce, who of course received the “Toma Leche Most Positive Song Award” right here on Mama Latina Tips last Monday, won Tropical Song of the Year for “Incondicional.” He also won Tropical Singer of the Year and Male Album of the Year!

(Sing it with me: “Royce!”)

And Jenny Rivera, who we lost this year but is still remembered lovingly by throngs of fans, her friends, and her family, was the big winner of the night, taking Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Latin Pop Album of the Year, Solo Album of the Year, Mexican Solo Album, and Mexican Album.

But what about the nominees who didn’t win last night? I hope they all see the glass half full. Every nominee can’t win a trophy, it’s the nature of the beast. But they are all still winners, recognized for being at the top of their industry….and a glamorous industry at that! (Speaking of glamorous, did you see Alessandra Villegas’ black and silver gown? Gorgeous!)

Here are a couple of positive tweets from the show:

And so congratulations to both those who won and those who didn’t, I raise my glass to all of you and hope you all see your glasses as half full. It’ll make for a more positive life.

And after the show, I bet there was quite a pachanga, wasn’t there? So let me just say this, when you get home tonight, consider having a glass of milk before going to bed, it might just help you have a better night’s sleep tonight, and you might just wake up feeling even more positive tomorrow!

If you want to keep the positivity going on a daily basis, check out the El Maestro Del Vaso Medio Lleno’s Facebook page here.

Happy dreams!!

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