Are You Planning an Oscar Bash? Ideas for Kids and Adults

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I’m excited because the Oscars are this Sunday! I never, ever miss them. I love the fashion, the celebrities, and, of course, the movies.  Which film do you think will win Best Picture?

And what are you going to do on Oscar night? Are you staying home, relaxing, eating dinner and watching the show? Or are you organizing a big Oscar bash? If the former, I cannot help you much there, but if you are planning a party, especially with kids, here are some great ideas I found while doing a little research:



How about throwing a Disney Themed Oscar Party, check out my Gallery of ideas.

Huffington Post has a great guide for throwing an amazing Oscar Party.

And Epicurious has a whole section on yummy foods and bubbly beverages, of course!

At the Hollywood/Academy Awards Party Pinterest Board, by Margaret Slide (she loves to throw theme parties), you can find tons of creative ideas.

Have fun!

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