Going Green (and Blue and Red and Yellow and Purple) with Lowe’s This Holiday Season

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LED lights

You know sometimes the simplest and most obvious ideas are the best.

We recently moved and didn’t have anything to decorate our new place with for the holidays. Lowe’s asked me to do something to make my house look festive. So we had tons of different creative ideas, but we kept finding ourselves returning to drool over the choices in the holiday lights aisle. There is a reason so many folks take the time and expense to put lights up on their houses during the holiday season. They look spectacular. So that’s what we did.

led ligths

(I just threw this picture in because the white light in the very distant background is the moon)

We found these great LED lights made by GE and we just couldn’t resist them. The cool thing about LED lights is, well, they are cool, which means they are almost unbelievably efficient. What’s more, they have come a long way down in price, so they more than make sense when you factor in the cost of usage compared to standard lights.  Here’s a picture of the lights we bought.

LED c-9 lights

The information on the side of the box is so impressive. 3.2 Watts per set!

LED lights efficiency information

In fact, we were so impressed and excited about the efficiency of our lights, we got our hands on a neat device called a Kill-A-Watt (you can find it at Lowe’s as well), just to see the efficiency in action for ourselves. The device plugs into an electrical outlet, is programmed with our cost of electricity per kilowatt hour, and then it tells us how much our appliances and electronics cost per hour, day, month, and year, when we plug them into it. We strung 3 sets of 50 lights each in a series and the energy usage barely registered! If we figured it all out correctly, the cost of running the lights was about 79 cents per month for all three sets, if we ran them 24 hours a day! Using the info on the box, we will save about $60 per season for 4 sets.

How about you? What are you doing to brighten up your home during this holiday season?


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Disclosure: I am a Lowe’s Creative Ideas ambassador and I received a gift card to complete my assignment.  As always all comments and opinions are solely my own.
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