What Should I Wear for My Wedding Anniversary?

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A few weeks ago my friend and Disneylandia al Dia business partner Liz, who blogs at Thoughts of a Mommy, told us about her upcoming wedding anniversary. Today she sent us pics and details about the two outfits she is considering wearing, so we can help her decide which to wear for the big day.

Thanks Liz for sharing with us

Liz Claiborne at JCPenney

Some say shopping is a form of therapy, a way of relieving stress, and some say it’s simply an addiction.  Whichever the case, for me, it is always fun. I felt happy when I walked into jcpenney recently.  I’m a big fan of Liz Claiborne’s. I have always liked the way her clothes fit me. Even now, as a plus size, Liz Claiborne still has designs to fit my figure. In addition, there is always the added benefit of having my own name, “Liz,” already showing on any clothes or accessories I buy!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I like wearing black. This bothers my husband. He makes fun when I’m picking out an outfit to wear. He says I always look like I’m going to a funeral. I can’t help it. I have it in mind that black looks great on everyone. Am I right or not? Well I’m trying to branch out a little from all black.

With my anniversary dinner date approaching, I have selected 2 outfits, and I would like you to help me pick out which to wear to dinner. Let’s start with outfit #1.

Outfit #1

Liz Claiborne Long Sleeve Split-Neck top
Liz Claiborne Bootcut Corduroy Pants – Plus

Liz Claiborne Clothes

It seems sheer tops are in now and I like the “airy” style. I love that they are ¾ sleeves, another favorite.

I like anything with ¾ sleeves or longer.  The pants are corduroy.  My very first pair of corduroy pants and yes, they are black!  These plus size pants are boot cut and are comfortable. They are low waisted. I’ve tried on several pants and I guess this is the trend that I have to get used to.  So?  What do you think? On to Outfit #2.

Outfit #2

Liz Claiborne Cap-Sleeve Cowl-Neck Knit Top
Liz Claiborne Pleated Skirt

Liz Claiborne Clothes

I am not one to shop for a short sleeve top, but when I saw this cute cowl-neck and its tame colors, I knew I could pull this look off. The material is a mix with spandex which gives me plenty of room to move and feel extra comfortable. The fitted top is cool and the colors mix well with many colors. Now, the pleated skirt was a winner for me. Yes, it’s black but you have to understand the cuteness of the skirt. Again, I am way out of my comfort zone when it comes to the skirt. I was under the assumption that pleats are on the curvy girls no-no list. I cautiously approached the fitting room with the skirt. But, I fell in love with it almost immediately. This particular style, that only Liz Claiborne has, fits me like a glove. I know it’s a little on the “fashion-safe” side, but I just couldn’t say no to this particular outfit.

I would love to know your opinion. Vote for the outfit you think I should wear to my anniversary dinner and tell me which is your favorite item I bought! I included links to the pieces from my outfits but be sure to visit jcpenney for more classic pieces.

Liz is a Mexican-American blogger living in Southern California. Married 15 years, and a mami to 3 kids, her content is inspired from living in and raising a multicultural familia.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by Liz for Mama Latina Tips on behalf of JCPenney. The opinions and text are her own.

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I think you’re cute in whatever makes you confident and comfortable. I’d like see No.2 top with No. 1 bottoms. Happy anniversary!

I think Liz looks great in both outfits, but I really do love outfit #2. It’s the outfit I would wear for my anniversary. 🙂

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