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Last May I had the unique opportunity to be at the White House along with 70 other top Latina Bloggers from around the country.  We listened to an interesting briefing about kids, education, and health among other topics.  When the Q&A started, I was first in line because I wanted my voice to be heard. I asked why school class sizes were getting bigger and bigger; why arts, sports, and music classes were disappearing from our public schools; and how could we get access to healthier school lunches, among other things.

I’m a mother of two school-aged boys and I’m concerned about the quality of their education and about how we are going to be able to send our kids to college.  How about you? What are your concerns? Do you have school-aged children?

The folks at Univision are concerned about the future of education in our country, too, so they have launched an initiative called “Es el Momento” (“This is the Moment”), which includes special programs and monthly educational vignettes to be aired across Univision’s media platforms.

I’m amazed by how much information is available and how many activities are included in this initiative. I hope you will find something of interest to you and your family, check it out!

A complete calendar with special activities during this Education week is here.

On Friday, October 12th there are two live events:

1. “Dreamers Town Hall” Live Webcast (3 pm PST/ 6 pm EST) about students who either have arrived in the United States at a young age, or don’t have legal papers, and the problems they face in school.  Hosted by Leon Krauze of Univision 34, and with the participation of Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, and Leo Manzano, London Silver Medallist.

2. Bullying Town Hall Live Webcast (4 pm PST/ 7 pm EST).  Hear stories of people affected by bullying, learn how to fight it, moderated by Enrique Acevedo.

Are you in the LA area? Check out Feria de la Educacion, (Education Fair) details here.

Any of your kids need a scholarship? Check out Becas Univision (Univision Scholarships) here.

Finally, you can find information and resources on college-readiness, mentoring, scholarships and more at, or “like” them on Facebook or follow the conversation at the #eselmomento hashtag on twitter.

Tell your family and friends!

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign to raise awareness about the Es el Momento initiative. All comments, opinions and concerns about the state of our education are solely my own. 

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