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The “behind the scenes” work of a blogger never ends: there is always something new to learn, something interesting to try.  Between the writing, going to events, and answering emails, among other things, bloggers go to conferences, too, where we learn new things, meet new people, and, even on some occasions, relax!

And why am I telling you this? Because I would like to share this small part of being a blogger with you.

I’m always looking for better ways to bring you information, tips, and do my work.  Conferences help me with that. I’ve been to a few conferences in my life, but last week I went to a conference that was different from any other I’ve been to before, EVO’12 (The Evolution on Women in Social Media).

It was wonderful. I think it was partly the setting -Park City, Utah, gorgeous!! I think it was partly the people -I got to see a few long time friends and make new ones, too.  I think it was partly the learning – amazing cooking demos, food photography, writing skills workshops.

I think it was partly the presenters -the keynotes were inspiring (I shared one with you already, remember the shot@life campaign I told you about a couple of days ago?)  

I think it was partly the vibe -lots of bloggers brought their families with them, because how could they not when the conference offers so many activities for families?  And Park City offers the perfect place to be outdoors and healthy.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Bumble Bee, a company not only interested in producing high quality products, but also interested in provide learning opportunities for bloggers.  

As you know I’ve been a proud member of the Bumble Bee “Bee Squad” for two years, and thanks to Bumble Bee, I was able to make it to EVO this year and will be able to share more of the things I learned there with you throughout the year.  Thanks Bumble Bee!

Now I would love to share a few pictures from the conference, not to mention a cool and healthy giveaway courtesy of Bumble Bee.

This was my view coming back from one of the cooking demos which took place in a cabin at the top of the mountain.

Evo Sky Lift

This was lunch at the same beautiful cabin.

Evo Truvia Lunch 2

We had a guacamole cook off on Friday night. there was no power, but the candlelight was nice.

Avocado Candle

This is Derreck Kayongo, an amazing speaker, incredible person, and great storyteller. I will tell you more about him and what he is doing in a later post, stay tuned.

Derreck Silvia

The Disneyland Resort had a suite at the Conference and of course I had to stopped to say hi to Mickey. Here I am with Mickey and my very good friend Jeannette Kaplun.

Jeannette Mickey Silvia

There was dance…

…and desserts…


I had a fabulous time!

Disclosure:  I’m a Bumble Bee #BeeSquad Member.  As always my comments, opinions and love for healthy tips are solely my own. 

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