StreetPass and Mii Maker Nintendo 3DS Features


My kids’ summer mini camp at home is well under way.  During the hottest part of the day, after they have done their reading, and their individual and family play, my boys are allowed to play video games for a little bit every other day.  Their favorite lately is the Nintendo 3DS. If your new to the 3DS, over the next six weeks I will be sharing some of its features.

Today’s features are the Mii Maker and StreetPass Mii Plaza:

Mii: A Mii is a character you can create and give characteristics such as a birthday, favorite color, hair color, face shape, etc. You can either use traits offered in the Mii Maker, or you can take a picture of yourself or your child with the 3DS’s integrated camera, see a quick video here.  (Look, this is the Mii my oldest son made of me):



StreetPass Mii Plaza: is like a virtual play area integrated into the 3DS.  When your child’s 3DS StreetPass function is activated to make friends, and is within close range of another 3DS, the two machines will “speak to each other”and share non-identifying game data like Mii characters.  These Mii characters will show up in Mii Plaza and your child can play with them in either of the two games, Puzzle Swap and Find Mii. Check out the video here.

A few tips:
  • Always be with your child when they are creating Mii characters.  You can give a name and birthdate to each Mii and it is important your child doesn’t use his or her own personal information.
  • Talk to your kids about safety online.
  • If your child is small and you don’t want to activate the StreetPass option, just go to the parental controls menu and deactivate it, they will still be able to create Mii characters.
  • Make the creation of Mii a family activity, we like to create Mii characters of each other, it’s fun to explore all the characteristics available.
  • Take a walk. You and your kids will be active while finding new Mii friends.
  • Have fun!
  • Join me next week for more tips!

 Disclosure: This post is compensated.  As always, my opinions and comments are my own.


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