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Summer has arrived, classes have ended, and with it our family faces a change in routine.  In past years we have registered our elder son in summer camp or classes, but this year will be different.  The high cost of camps and the extreme climate in which we live, coupled with family reunions and other events, have caused us to make special plans this year.  Before the kids finished school, my husband and I talked about how our family's summer vacation would be and one thing we realized was that we should create a schedule for the days we would be home.

We asked our boys which activities they would like to do, and later, we told them the kinds of things we would like to see them do.  Together we created a schedule full of activities, from meals to art, to reading, and of course to play. Lots of play.  The play we divided up into various types; independent play, whole family play, playing together as brothers, and playing with video games.  The key word for us is balance and we believe this new routine will give our kids different things to do, new things to learn, and provide for a lot of time to play, which is a kid's job, isn't it?

Of course, my sons' favorite days are the days they get to play video games (What else could I expect?) which happens every third day.  Their usual favorite is the Wii, but these last few days it has been the Nintendo 3DS which is new to our home.

For the next 7 weeks, four other Latina moms and I will be exploring the activities available on the Nintendo 3DS and I will be exploring how I can include them in our mini summer camp at home.  Join me each Friday to read my tips.

Disclosure: This post is compensated.  As always, my opinions and comments are my own.

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