Crash Testing at Britax Headquarters

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Britax Carseat

A couple of weeks ago I went to Britax Headquarters in North Carolina and I learned a lot about car seats, accidents, and safety.  But of all the interesting things I saw and heard, absolutely nothing stops you in your tracks like watching a crash test dummy the size of your own child.

Seeing a live crash test for the first time leaves a permanent impression; it’s an eye opener to say the least.

The folks at Britax explained about how a car seat can help protect a child and about the government regulations they must meet or exceed.  So this is what I learned from a few minutes in the crash test lab:

  • In a crash, the first goal is to keep the crash energy away from the child, before the child absorbs it.
  • In a crash, the next goal is to keep the head and body of the child as close to the car seat as possible.
  • If your car seat has a tether, you should use it.

Believe me when I tell you, the moment I was able when I got home, I ran to my car and checked that the car seats were installed properly and that the tether strap was in place (my tether was not and I fixed it).

Stay tuned for more important information and a few great giveaways within the month.  I invite you to follow our conversations on twitter @SafeconBritax.

Disclosure:  Transportation, lodging and meals were provided by Britax.  As always my opinions and comments are my own.  Mama Latina Tips Legal Disclosure

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