My Favorite Mother’s Day Memories

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Mother’s Day is almost here and it got me to thinking about my favorite Mother’s Days memories.

Ok..let me back up a little..get this…when I was growing up in Mexico, the typical Mother’s Day included tons of folks heading over to my grandma’s house, where my grandma, my mom, and all the rest of the mothers in the extended family spent all day, prepping, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after a large Mother’s Day family meal!!  Really? Really!  Well, I say, no way to that!

Now that I’m a mother, my stand out favorite Mother’s Day memories were quiet, peaceful days, when I had both time just to myself and time with the people I love most, my husband and kids.

And my favorite memories always somehow involve plants.  Strange, right?

Having time for myself is important to me.  I’m talking about time to recharge my batteries and focus on my wellbeing.  It can mean a nap, reading a book, watching a show, having a pedicure with my friends, or even taking a long, hot shower.  My husband is so good, he usually takes the kids out of the house so I can have this time just for me.

My favorite gifts are usually the most meaningful ones; handcrafts from my kids, good books, and music are some of my favorites. And then there’s the plants, I love it when my boys buy plants and flowers and plant them in our garden for me.  See, I love flowers and vegetable gardens but I don´t think I´m particularly good to them.  My husband and kids take the time to water the plants and take care of them, while I, and I love this part, enjoy the results!

What are your favorite Mother’s Day memories? What are you giving your mom on Mother’s Day? What would you like to receive for Mother’s Day?

Have a great, fun, peaceful and plant-filled Mother’s Day!

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