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I’m glad I took time out last month to attend BlissDom ‘12, the popular blogger conference which meets each year in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee.  If you ever get a chance to go to BlissDom, I highly recommend it– Nashville, too, what a beautiful place.

While there, I worked on the Milk Mustache campaign and Salma Hayek was revealed as the new face of The Breakfast Project for “got milk?”.  Very exciting!

Salma Hayek

It was a treat to work on the campaign at BlissDom.  I had the chance to interview bloggers from all around about how they use milk in their breakfast routines, and it was a relief to discover most everyone else has the same challenges I do getting the kids up in the morning, getting them fed, and getting them off to school.

In the morning chaos, milk is a simple way I make sure my kids get protein, calcium, and other important nutrients in order to have a good jump on their school day.  So I asked other bloggers what their solutions were for dealing with their crazy mornings and found out their strategies were pretty similar to mine (It’s always nice to know I’m on the same page with other moms).

One favorite: Many moms make special versions of a fruit and milk smoothie for their kids in the A.M.  I’ve been working on a video of my own for The Breakfast Project which shows a little bit of my morning chaos and gives a quick and easy licuado recipe (that’s what we call a smoothie in Mexico).  It can be done in less than 2 minutes. I’ll let you know when that becomes available.

Bloggers at Blissdom



Here I am dancing in cowpants!


Be sure to check out The Breakfast Project online.  It’s an English language website, really nicely done, where you can get tips, read recipes, watch videos, and see a gallery of celebrities who have worked with “got milk?” in the past.  (There is a Spanish Facebook Fan page called El Proyecto Desayuno here, too).

And here is Salma behind the scenes.

Disclosure:  I wrote this post while participating in a Milk Mustache campaign on behalf of MilkPEP.  As always my comments, opinions, and love for milk are solely my own.

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