Mario Party 9 in Stores!

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Mario Party 9 Wii
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Last Friday, Nintendo welcomed a new member to the family, Mario Party 9, with a big party at Nintendo World in New York.

Wii Mario Party 9Mario is a favorite of my boys. They can’t get enough of his games….ok, ok, I like them, too.  So, a few days ago my kids tried out Mario Party 9: Did they need to read the instruction manual?  Nope, they knew instinctively what to do. But not me! I had to read the manual quickly since my kids wanted me to play with them.  It’s a good thing the game allows up to 4 players so my husband can play with us, too.


What was to be 5 minutes of hard core research became 30 minutes of genuine fun.   I like the Mario Party 9 Wiibowling game; it’s not classic bowling, but a koopa shell is thrown to hit 20 moving gumbas (a funny Mario character). Mario Party 9 includes games we all know, like football and soccer, in all it includes 80 additional minigames.


I asked my son which were his top 3 of the mini-games and he said: “My first favorite is Mega choice, second is Mega Mayhem, third is finger painting, and the fourth (yes he had a 4th) is Don’t Look. For more information and to see the trailer, please visit the official website of Mario Party 9.  Mario Party 9 entertains with charm and laughter and is rated E for everyone both young and old. Nintendo has done it again!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of Mario Party 9, courtesy of Nintendo, to facilitate this post.  As always all my comments, opinions, and love for Mario Games are my own.

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