Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and Carthay Circle Theater Open to the Public on June 15, 2012

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Cars Land
Pic courtesy of Disney Parks. All rights reserved

For more than a year my family and I have been waiting to hear the date when the Disney California Adventure Expansion will be ready, finally this week the big announcement made a lot of families happy, specially mine.

Radiator Spring Cars
Pic courtesy Disney Parks. All rights reserved.

We are big Cars fans and just the thought of walking on the Radiator Springs streets makes us wish June 15 were already here.

Disney California Adventure is going through a big expansion, 12 acres of Cars Land, new attractions, new Theater and a new entrance: Buena Vista Street.

Disney California Adventure, Disneyland, Buena Vista Street, Disneyland en Espanol
Pic courtesy of Disney Parks. All rights reserved.

And because images says more than 1,000 words here is what you can enjoy this summer in the magic world of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California.

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Ahhh i’m so excited!!!! I will be out there in JUNE I just gave you a shout out on my blog post of course I had to share the news with my readers lol Thank you sooooo much for sharing!

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