My Layaway Experience

PhotoToday I want to tell you about my own experience.

First, it was sooooo hard to choose what to get, I changed my mind 100 times, there are tons of great products and options available.  Finally I decided to think ahead and take advantage of the amazing deals Kmart has right now on camping equipment.  We plan to go camping next summer and we don´t have our own tent, we usually have to borrow one.   Also, we have just two sleeping bags (we are four), so I thought it was the perfect time to use layaway and get exactly that, a tent, two sleeping bags, and a portable table.  The prices were ridiculously low and on top of that I got an additional 10% discount!

You know, as moms we have no time to spare and taking my kids to the store was out of the question, so I did my Kmart Layaway from the relative comfort of my own living room after my kids went to bed.  The process was easy:

1.  I chose the products and added them to my cart

2. The system asked me if I would like to put some or all of the products on layaway. I clicked on the layaway boxes, which took me to a window showing me the availability of the products at my closest Kmart stores (this is important, the articles I wanted needed to be available in a store close to me in order to open a layaway contract).

3.  I chose the store where I wanted to pick up my items when my contract is up.

4. The system then showed me the payment plan.

5. I agreed to the terms and conditions.

6. I then added my Shop Your Way Rewards number (If you don´t have one, I recommend getting one, it is free and having it will give you reward points every time you shop at Kmart, Sears, or

6. Then it sent me to the payment page.  This is important, you have several options to pay, Sears card, Kmart card, credit card, Paypal, etc. I had a Kmart gift card, so I used it, but to my surprise, the system used my gift card for my balance, but not for the $5 dollar layaway fee ( I called customer service and they told me gift cards cannot be used to pay the layaway fee).  So please be aware of this, if you don´t have a credit card, paypal account or one of the other options the system gives you, or if you only have a gift card, then you need to start your layaway contract directly in a store with a little cash.

7. I got my confirmation email, so now I just need to make my next payment in two weeks, which I can make online! How cool is that?

Now, what if you don´t want to do it online? Well, you can go to your closest store and look for the products you like, products available for layaway are clearly marked, like this:


Then look for a Kmart associate to help you, he will probably take you to the Layaway Department that looks something like this:


A few points to consider:

    1. There will be a $5 service fee for new 8-week layaway contracts and a $10 service fee for new 12-week layaway contracts.
    2. If you cancel it, there is a $10 cancellation fee
    3. When you open a contract you will pay $15 or a 10% down payment (whichever is greater)
    4. 4 to 6 easy payments (online or in store), every other week.
    5. You can pay the contract down faster if you want. i.e. in only 2 or 3 payments

I had fun shopping and starting my layaway contract, why not start yours?

Disclosure: As a Kmart Ambassador, my time is compensated.  As always my comments, opinions and my love for good deals are my own.

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