Cinépolis, a New Way to Enjoy Movies

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Ambulante llega a Cinépolis Xalapa
Pic by Emilio Santiago

What would you say if I told you you could enjoy a movie in a theater while having dinner at the same time?

I've been a movie lover since my dad bought our first betamax.  My family went to the movies often when I was young.  In my teens, my best friend and I went to the movie theater every Saturday.  Popcorn and frozen yogurt were our snacks of choice.

After having kids I can't go to the movies as often as before and our movie outings usually involve a children's movie.  But once in a while my husband and I get a baby sitter and we go see a new release at the theater.  We rarely, if ever, manage dinner and a movie.

So what a company called Cinépolis is doing is not just unique, but, in many ways, is almost a necessity these days.   Cinépolis offers a new luxury service called Cinépolis VIP.   When you go to a VIP theater, the seating includes large, leather recliners with trays and lighting.  A waiter brings your food so you can enjoy your dinner and watch your favorite movie at the same time.  Doesn't that sound fun?

Here is a sampling of some of the items on the menu:

  • Sushi
  • Cafe – Capuccino, cheese and blackberry crepes, jam and creme cheeses, mango smoothies
  • Candy Store – sodas, several kinds of popcorn – butter, caramel, or chili pepper.
  • Snacks: chips, cream cheese filled jalapeño peppers
  • Pizzas

Cinépolis is a Mexican theater chain company, the biggest in Latin America and 4th in the world.  They are offering their VIP service in the United States for the first time at a theater in Del Mar, Ca.  It is already open and there are more opening soon in other cities.  I can't wait!

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