A Pirate Party!

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I didn’t know September 19th was Talk Like a Pirate Day!!  But it turns out we had a Pirate Party just the day before! Aaaaargh!

It was fascinating to see how much my kids and their friends loved pretending to be pirates.  They played hard, in full regalia, and they even ate like pirates (mind you no veggies, just meat, just this once).

My kids had a blast.  We invited a few friends they hadn’t had the opportunity to see for a long time and it was fun.  The kids played so nicely that we parents actually got to sit and talk, it was a dream!

Here are some pics

My husband made the welcome note at the door

Pirate party welcome

Here is the table set up, yes we have a pirate boat

Pirate setting

Pirate table

And the kids in their outfits


If you would like to plan your own, here are some links you may like:

Pirate Invitations

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Activity Book

Never Land Palm Tree Sandwiches

Never Land Treasure Chest Cake

Capitan Hook Cake

Pirate Themed accessories, plates, bags

Pirate Party supplies

Pirate Music, from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates (CD headed to stores today!),  you can hear some of the tracks if you click on the link

Pirate Video, soon to be in stores Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Mateys Away! DVD, it is very, very cute, with 7 episodes, two great bonus features, Spanish, English and French audio options and a pirate patch, aaaargh!

Have a great Pirate Party!!

Disclosure:  I received a Pirate Party Package with goodies and DVD from Disney.  As always my opinions and my love for parties are solely my own.



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