Tips for a Porcelain (almost) Complexion

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Who wouldn’t like to have beautiful skin?  Unfortunately great skin genes are not the norm, I don’t have them, do you?  Fortunately there are a few things we can do to improve the appearance of our skin.

I have something to share with you.  I know I’ve said this many times, but since I became a mom, my husband and kids are my first priority and don’t spend as much time on my face as I did when I was single.

You know the drill, deep face cleaning at the salon, more than enough time to enjoy a weekly facial mask.  Now I have to be practical, that’s why I’m sharing these three tips for busy moms:

  1. Water, water, water, water.  No secret here.  I don’t need to be a doctor to remind myself that my body needs water, my skin looks better when I am well hydrated.  I have a water bottle (one liter) on my kitchen counter I fill every morning, every time I walk pass it I take a sip or two or three. By noon it is empty so I fill it again.  I know by night the water will be in my body and I will have met my daily quota.  For me it is better to think about drinking two big water bottles than a bunch of glasses.
  2. Don’t forget your daily face routine.  I bet you have felt this before: it’s late, you just want to go to bed and you don’t want to go to the bathroom and clean your face.  I’ve done this and every time, it never fails, my face looks gray and tight in the morning.  I try to follow my simple routine, clean my face with a cleanser according to my skin type, and use a moisturizer. That’s it, two simple steps that make my face look fresh and clean, and it just takes me five minutes to do it.
  3.  My oatmeal mask is my best friend.  My skin tends to be oily and I’ve notice after each use my face looks balanced and fresh.  I usually do it every two to three weeks and it is super easy to make.  I just mix some uncooked oatmeal oats with enough water to make a paste, put it on my face, let it rest for 20 minutes, remove it with warm water and I’m ready to roll!  Everyone’s skin is different so I recommend you find out which kind you have and choose your mask accordingly.

So there you have it, these three tips keep my face happy.  Do you have any tips you want to share?

I’ll see you around,

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